Irina Pelman is a professional music instructor living and teaching in San Francisco. She represents a well-known Russian cello and piano school.

Irina offers individual and group cello and piano lessons in her studio and via Skype for all ages and ability levels. Her education and broad experience, spanning over 30 years, make her teaching style very interesting, and motivate her students to achieve their musical goals.

Students who work with Irina learn not only to study, read, and play well, but also learn to understand and feel music.

Irina is completely devoted to music and her students.
Her greatest talent is expressed through her unique ability to find the exact words and feelings that promote the best results in learning and performing music.

Every journey begins with the first small step. This time it's about your journey into the magical World of Music.
So, take your first step now and sign up for your free introductory lesson with Irina!

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